Friday Cat Adoption

Thanks to Flaming Atheist and the Cat Adoption Team in Oregon for today’s guest cat blogging. If you’re interested in adopting a cat and live in or close enough to Oregon, take a look at what the Cat Adoption Team has to offer.

This is Scarlet, a young mother of 8. She’s listed as a tortoiseshell but we’ve taken to calling her a ‘tortico’ since she has a good mix of calico in her. She’s really playful, chatty and friendly. All her kittens are long adopted so she’s the last one who needs a home!

The Soyuz Movie Logs


The logs were not originally intended for public view — many entries contain redacted passages, and for the most part they’re just dry, militarily-terse accounts of the various acronym-heavy technical tasks and endless troubleshootings that occupy all hours of the day. But I’m impressed to see that the crew (one American and two Russians) nevertheless often takes a moment to log the movies they watch together during their down time, occasionally offering a bit of commentary on each one.

As I read, I kind of forget about the grandeur of space exploration and instead try to imagine what the hell it must be like to watch Apocalypse Now and The Big Lebowski and 2001 (not to mention “Lethal Weapon Week”) while crowded around a circa-2000 government laptop in a cramped, smelly zero-gravity tin can in Low Earth Orbit. (Smacks more than a little of Mystery Science Theater 3000. We got Movie Sign?)

What follows, for your edification, is a compilation of the space station movie-night notes, excerpted from the logs, as set down by Cmdr. William (“Shep”) Shepherd:

(via Kottke)