Tell Me How This Ends?

Time on the Democrats’ Primary:

So how will it end? No one really knows. Ever since a small group of Democratic operatives enshrined the proportional allocation of primary delegates in its party rules 20 years ago, the possibility of a months-long death march to the convention has both reflected the Democrats’ proudest egalitarian instinct — and hidden the germ of their worst nightmare. That latter possibility has now arrived. There is no road map for where the Democrats are going; there aren’t even many roads. The candidates and their aides have only a dim grasp of how the endgame will unfold, though some maintain a healthy sense of humor about their predicament. David Axelrod, Barack Obama’s top strategist, donned a shirt on the plane out of Pennsylvania that read STOP THE DRAMA, VOTE OBAMA.

But the drama is a long way from over. Sources at both campaigns and anxious Democrats elsewhere say they see three possible scenarios that could bring the contest to a close: