Question of the Day

Where’s your favorite place to eat lunch?

I work in Harvard Square where there are no shortage of restaurants, lunch counters, and sandwich shops so this is a bit tricky for me to decide upon one. Bartley’s Burgers is a legend in the square but it’s a bit of a walk for me and to call it crowded would be an understatement so I rarely stop in anymore. Leo’s Place Diner on JFK St. is the epitome of a lunch counter. In fact, even the wall facing away from the lunch counter is a lunch counter. The food is the usual greasy spoon fare but relatively inexpensive and good. Leo’s is a throwback to when lunch counters like The Tasty ruled the square before the chains started moving in and destroying all that is good and original. Bastards.

Ok Cynics, let’s hear about your favorite place to lunch.