Daily Dose of Ingersoll


I cannot believe in the miracle of the ascension, in the
bodily ascension of Jesus Christ. Where was he going? In the light
shed upon this question by the telescope, I again ask, where was he
going? The New Jerusalem is not above us. The abode of the gods is
not there. Where was he going? Which way did he go? Of course that
depends upon the time of day he left. If he left in the evening, he
went exactly the opposite way from that he would have gone had he
ascended in the morning. What did he do with his body? How high did
he go? In what way did he overcome the intense cold? The nearest
station is the moon, two hundred and forty thousand miles away.
Again I ask, where did he go? He must have had a natural body, for
it was the same body that died. His body must have been material,
otherwise he would not as he rose have circled with the earth, and
he would have passed from the sight of his disciples at the rate of
more than a thousand miles per hour.

It may be said that his body was “spiritual.” Then what became
of the body that died? Just before his ascension we are told that
he partook of broiled fish with his disciples. Was the fish

Robert Green Ingersoll – “Orthodoxy”(1884)