Real Ingredients or Real Bull?


Marketers often have to come up with creative ways to gain a competitive advantage and sell T.S.O.C.—the same old crap. This requires repackaging common ingredients and giving them new (and newly trademarked) names and identities. Are they insulting our intelligence with their duplicity or does this type of marketing really work? If you’ve purchased the following products, you may have to side with the latter.

Certs—with Retsyn®
With all the fuss Certs made about its fabulously unique ingredient—Retsyn—which none of the other lowly breath mints contain, one would assume it was damn worth it. But alas, a few investigative clicks yields an ingredient list for Retsyn that is less spectacular and more mundane: copper gluconate (the green specks), hydrogenated cottonseed oil, and flavoring. There is no such chemical as Retsyn—it’s a mere conglomerate of every day ingredients.