Daily Dose of Ingersoll


My objection to orthodox religion is that it destroys human
love, and tells us that the love of this world is not necessary to
make a heaven in the next.

No matter about your wife, your children, your brother, your
sister — no matter about all the affections of the human heart —
when you get there, you will be with the angels. I do not know
whether I would like the angels. I do not know whether the angels
would like me. I would rather stand by the ones who have loved me
and whom I know; and I can conceive of no heaven without the loved
of this earth. That is the trouble with this Christian religion.
Leave your father, leave your mother, leave your wife, leave your
children, leave everything and follow Jesus Christ. I will not. I
will stay with my people. I will not sacrifice on the altar of a
selfish fear all the grandest and noblest promptings of my heart.

Robert Green Ingersoll – “Orthodoxy”(1884)