Question of the Day

It’s been a slow link day so I guess it’s a perfect time for a question.

Are you related to anybody famous?

The only famous person that I know I’m related to is FDR and my relation to him is through the Delano family, not the Roosevelts. Wikipedia has an entry on the Delano family that adds a little more insight to their roots:

The progenitor of the Delano family in the Americas was Philippe de la Noye [1]whose family name was anglicized to Delano and who became the first Huguenot to land in the New World. [1] The 19-year-old Pilgrim of descent from French-speaking Flanders, arrived at Plymouth, Massachusetts on November 9, 1621 on the second Pilgrim ship, Fortune. His descendants include Philip Delano Jr. Frederic Adrian Delano, Jonathan Delano and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Robert Redford, Captain Paul Delano, and Alan B. Shepard.

I never thought about using Wikipedia as a genealogy resource but genealogy doesn’t really interest me. I don’t really care too much about where I came from but put more stock in where I am going. Which is nowhere at the moment.