The Way of the King

The Way of the King is a step constructed in the walls of the Defile of the Gaitanes in the Spurt, near Álora (Malaga). One is a peatonal step of 3 km with long sections with a width of hardly 1 m. hanging up to 100 m.s of height on the river, in practically vertical walls. At the moment one is very deteriorated, almost all the route is without railing and is segments that have been colapsado, being left only the support beam. All these factors have contributed to create lost a black legend after having the life hikers treating to cross it.

(Thanks Markus)

Question of the Day

What’s something you can’t stand but everyone else seems to love?

This one is easy for me. I hate beer. I hate it domestic. I hated imported. I hate it as a lager. I hate it as an ale. I hate it in any form with the exception of root. I hate it so much that if I was given a choice on a hot and humid day between an ice cold beer and room temperature flat diet mountain dew I would be drinking the dew before the head on the beer even had a chance to form.

And you?