Daily Dose of Ingersoll


There are many things in the New Testament that I cannot
accept as true.

I cannot believe in the miraculous origin of Jesus Christ. I
believe he was the son of Joseph and Mary; that Joseph and Mary had
been duly and legally married; that he was the legitimate offspring
of that union. Nobody ever believed the contrary until he had been
dead at least one hundred and fifty years. Neither Matthew, Mark,
nor Luke ever dreamed that he was of divine origin. He did not say
to either Matthew, Mark, or Luke, or to any one in their hearing,
that he was the Son of God, or that he was miraculously conceived.
He did not say it. It may be asserted that he said it to John, but
John did not write the gospel that bears his name. The angel
Gabriel, who, they say, brought the news, never wrote a word upon
the subject. The mother of Christ never wrote a word upon the
subject. His alleged father never wrote a word upon the subject,
and Joseph never admitted the story. We are lacking in the matter
of witnesses. I would not believe such a story now. I cannot
believe that it happened then. I would not believe people I know,
much less would I believe people I do not know.

Robert Green Ingersoll – “Orthodoxy”(1884)