Deer in the Yard

I guess this family isn’t too worried about Lyme disease.

Our house was built in the deer’s natural habitat in a remote rural area. Well worn deer trails cut through the property’s abundant pine and sage. The oldest deer we’ve met (we call her Mama Rose) walked right up to us when we first arrived, sniffing and looking us over. Rose smelled some almonds in my pocket so I gave her a few. We gave some almonds to her family a few other times but stopped the practice when advised that feeding deer is illegal. Even so, that didn’t stop them from regular visits. Rose and her kin obviously think the yard belongs to them as much as anyone else, and they are just taking advantage of the wealth of natural foods growing everywhere. They especially like clover flowers, but it’s amazing to see the variety of tasty flowers, leaves, twigs, nuts and berries they’ll eat. They stay away from herbs and herbal flowers, but on occasion we’ve seen young deer eating the sweet medicinal berries of the Juniper tree. Food is of course a major concern, but we also think they visit because they like our company. Often we see deer we don’t know nibbling in the yard, but nearly everyday some or many of Rose’s extended family come by. All of the deer are likely to lay down on the grass and hang out, whether we know them well or not.

Learning About the Holocaust Through Art


In these words Halina Olomucki relates to the works of art she produced in the Warsaw ghetto and in Auschwitz. She was one of many artists who continued to paint and draw in the ghettos and concentration camps. As well as bearing witness to the rich and intensive artistic activity that took place during the Holocaust, these works of art – mostly sketches or watercolors – provide valuable information on the life of the inmates. They are historical documents, and the first to acknowledge their importance were the artists themselves.

Florida Couple Finds Moldy Image Of Jesus In The Shower

Jesus appearing as shower slime? Ok, this one I actually believe.

MIAMI, FL (NBC) — A Florida woman says she asked for a sign from God and she got it, in her shower.

Laquan Joyner and her husband Theo Grimes say they have been praying and asking God to send them a sign.

When they looked in the shower, right next to the shampoo, there it was, an image of Jesus.

The family says they will never clean the spot and they now treat the shower like a shrine.

Laquan Joyner says “I was like yeah, a real live image of Jesus is in the shower. I couldn’t believe it either. But it’s there. And my grandmother came, and she saw it and said, I’ve seen everything.”v

Lower Back Tattoos Now Available at Toys R Us

From Cockeyed:

No longer will you have to hitchhike out to a sketchy part of town to get your lower back tattoo… they are at Toys R Us!

Stacy and I spotted this vending machine in the Sacramento toy store entryway.

Lower back tattoos are 50 cents each, tucked in between the Hannah Montana stickers and the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse stickers. You can choose a butterfly, roses, a fairy, or other tasteful designs.

(via Waxy)