Water Vapor Image Of Jesus Listed On eBay

Another busy week for Jesus. Today he’s a stain on a window.

A bedroom window of a Beaverton woman is up for auction on eBay.com, KPTV in Beaverton reported.

Sharel Fox said water vapor appeared on her window four years ago and formed the image of Jesus Christ.

Now, she is selling her house, but before she does, she wants to remove the window in her bedroom.

Fox said she isn’t a Christian, but the image appeared during a difficult time in her life. She said it helped her through, and now she hopes it will do the same for someone else.

“I would hope that somebody gets it who wants to put it out where other people can see it,” Fox said. “The fact that this image has come into a non-Christian households says, ‘You know what, it’s OK that you’re not Christian. I’m still there.'”

I couldn’t find the Jesus window on ebay but I did find the face of Jesus on a stone that is selling on ebay for $100,000.00. So far no bids and no reserve!

This stone is in the wall of the fireplace in our house/sanctuary. In January of this year we spent 21 days in fasting and prayer seeking the face of God and His manifest presence in our lives. During that 21 days the LORD spoke in many ways to each of us. On the 5th night of prayer the LORD’s face appeared on this stone and has remained there to this day. The stone is 9″ from the flat left side to the point on it’s right side, it is 7″ high. The face of Jesus appears on the left side of the stone facing to the right and is a 3/4 side view of His face. You can clearly see the crown on His head, His eyes, outline of His nose, mouth and beard.

Where’s Jesus?