Jesus Appears in an Altar Cloth

Finally something newsworthy has happened in Niagra Falls.

Jesus has picked a predictable time and place to show his face in LaSalle.

It’s the way he’s doing it that’s a little unusual.

“It is unique,” said Deacon David Slish of St. John de LaSalle parish on Buffalo Avenue.

A number of parishioners at St. John have seen the face in a red altar cloth hung for Sunday’s morning mass. By the time Monday rolled around, a crowd had rolled in.

“It’s no miracle or anything like that,” Slish said. “It’s just something that happened. But it’s Holy Week so people will take that as a little significance of Christ in their life.”

Two such people are Dottie Farrell and her husband, Joe, who live next door to the church and have belonged to it since the 1960s. After a Monday service, Slish turned on the lights and told people to look carefully at the altar cloth because people had seen the face of Jesus there the day before.

“We went, ‘Oh my gosh, yes,’ ” Dottie said. “I knew what it was right away. It’s like a vision that he’s there. I always tell everybody to behave themselves because he’s there.”

(via J-Walk)

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