Hospitals Reuse Medical Devices To Lower Costs

From the Wall Street Journal:

In a bid to save costs and stem a rising tide of medical waste, hospitals are recycling a growing number of medical devices labeled as single-use, from scissors and scrubs to the sharp blades surgeons use to saw through bones.

Recycling medical devices labeled for single use is legal as long as certain Food and Drug Administration guidelines are followed. But the practice, which involves shipping devices to reprocessing facilities to be cleaned, sterilized and tested for reuse, has raised concerns about safety. Medical device makers say their single-use products are just that, and pose a higher risk of failure and harm when recycled. Reprocessing companies, hospital associations and environmental groups counter that the devices they reprocess are as safe as new thanks to modern sterilization methods, cost 40% to 60% less, and can eliminate thousands of tons of waste from landfills.

Jesus Appears in an Altar Cloth

Finally something newsworthy has happened in Niagra Falls.

Jesus has picked a predictable time and place to show his face in LaSalle.

It’s the way he’s doing it that’s a little unusual.

“It is unique,” said Deacon David Slish of St. John de LaSalle parish on Buffalo Avenue.

A number of parishioners at St. John have seen the face in a red altar cloth hung for Sunday’s morning mass. By the time Monday rolled around, a crowd had rolled in.

“It’s no miracle or anything like that,” Slish said. “It’s just something that happened. But it’s Holy Week so people will take that as a little significance of Christ in their life.”

Two such people are Dottie Farrell and her husband, Joe, who live next door to the church and have belonged to it since the 1960s. After a Monday service, Slish turned on the lights and told people to look carefully at the altar cloth because people had seen the face of Jesus there the day before.

“We went, ‘Oh my gosh, yes,’ ” Dottie said. “I knew what it was right away. It’s like a vision that he’s there. I always tell everybody to behave themselves because he’s there.”

(via J-Walk)

And for a list of Jesus’ previous tour dates you can go here.

Daily Dose of Ingersoll


In the Episcopalian creed God is described as follows:

“There is but one living and true God, everlasting, without
body, parts or passions.”

Think of that! — without body, parts, or passions. I defy any
man in the world to write a better description of nothing. You
cannot conceive of a finer word-painting of a vacuum than “without
body, parts, or passions.” And yet this God, without passions, is
angry at the wicked every day; this God, without passions, is a
jealous God, whose anger burneth to the lowest hell. This God,
without passions, loves the whole human race; and this God, without
passions, damns a large majority of mankind. This God without body,
walked in the Garden of Eden, in the cool of the day. This God,
without body, talked with Adam and Eve. This God, without body, or
parts met Moses upon Mount Sinai, appeared at the door of the
tabernacle, and talked with Moses face to face as a man speaketh to
his friend. This description of God is simply an effort of the
church to describe a something of which it has no conception.

Robert Green Ingersoll – “Orthodoxy”(1884)