Sweet Home Alabama Performed by Leningrad Cowboys & Red Army Choir

The Red Army Choir (Choir Aleksandrov) is a performing ensemble that served as the official army choir of the former Soviet Union’s Red Army. The choir consists of a male choir, an orchestra, and a dance ensemble. The songs they perform range from Russian folk tunes to Church hymns, operatic arias and popular music.
In 1991, The Red Army Choir participated in Roger Waters’ The Wall concert celebrating the fall of the Berlin Wall. They performed an anti-war song “Bring the Boys Back Home”.

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Top Ten Biggest Las Vegas Hotel Megaresort Properties

From the Las Vegas News Blog:

A list of the twenty biggest hotels in the US includes seventeen resorts here in Las Vegas. Those megaresorts lining the Las Vegas strip continue to grow larger with hotel towers going higher to offer thousands of new guest rooms. FlipChip has compiled a list of the top ten biggest hotels in Las Vegas based on the number of guest rooms and included a current photo for each.

Naked Crayons

Like crayolas but with 100% more nudity:

The COLOURS are crayons which can be used for drawing and characters shaped as small human beings which can be used as tools for communication. It intends to show the results of involvement between characters. The results of the communication can be softening, stimulating, balancing or dirtying. It all depents of the character which is chosen. The interaction can become visible or invisible. The user makes the choice of characters and tests which way they react to each other. And what is left of the one which is used as a disposable product?

There are about 100 crayons and they are packed in 10 boxes in 10pcs each.

Mac Toilet Paper Dispenser

Better known as the iWipe:

One of co-workers was giving away and old Atari 800XL and Macintosh SE case. He had been planning to do a mini-ITX project, but had never gotten around to it. Always wanting an excuse to tinker with something, I decided to take them off of his hands.

Well, as soon as I saw the Mac SE case, I realized that this one had the most potential. So this weekend, I bought a few things at Home Depot and got started making my Apple-powered, wireless, portable toilet paper dispenser — the iWipe.

Daily Dose of Ingersoll


Why does special providence allow all the
crimes? Why are the wife-beaters protected, and why are the wives
and children left defenseless if the hand of God is over us all?
Who protects the insane? Why does Providence permit insanity? But
the church cannot give up special providence. If there is no such
thing, then no prayers, no worship, no churches, no priests. What
would become of National Thanksgiving? You know we have a custom
every year of issuing a proclamation of thanksgiving. We say to
God, “Although you have afflicted all the other countries, although
you have sent war, and desolation, and famine on everybody else, we
have been such good children that you have been kind to us, and we
hope you will keep on.” It does not make a bit of difference
whether we have good times or not — the thanksgiving is always
exactly the same.

Robert Green Ingersoll – “Orthodoxy”(1884)