International McDonald’s Products

From Wikipedia:


McDonald’s sells fried chicken, which is by far more popular than the hamburgers. McRice is also offered, a small mound of steamed, plain rice. McSoup is a chicken flavored soup with bits of reconstituted croutons and vegetables.

Israel and Argentina

McDonald’s serve Kosher dishes only in Israel and Argentina. [4]
* McShawarma (shawarma served in flatbread) and McKebab (kebab served on flatbread) are specialty items on the Israeli menu.
* All meat served at McDonald’s in Israel is kosher.
* Israel and Argentina are also the only places in the world where McDonald’s burgers are barbecued on charcoal rather than fried.


There is a Spicy McChicken burger that has chutney in it. There is also a McChutney Burger, a meatball sandwich called the McKofta, and strawberry custard pie. Also, McArabia was recently introduced, with a chicken patty rolled up in Pita bread.