Suggestion Box

There have been a few changes I’ve made this week. I instituted a comment policy today which is now in the left sidebar (or two posts down).

I’ve also added a section in the sidebar with advertising information. I’ve been using blogads for the past few months and it is open to anybody who would like to advertise on Cynical-C. I did a quick search on blogads and the price for advertising on this blog is quite a bit lower than advertising on most other blogs with similar traffic. As traffic increases, so does hosting costs and advertising revenue helps pay for bandwidth and helps feed Cynikitty. If not for ads, Cynikitty would be forced to get part-time job. I’m not paying for him, I already have a full time job.

And finally I added an Amazon books link which I’ll try to keep current with whatever books I’m reading. I get a small percentage of whatever you buy while using that link. I don’t really expect it to make much money but it seems like a nice way of keeping track of what I’m reading at the moment which has always spurred some interesting discussions.

Does anybody have any suggestions of what I can implement to make Cynical-C better?


Nate in the comments says:

How about a random post link? Occasionally I stop at Wikipedia and hit the “random article” link, I think that’d be great for C-C … you have more than enough posts.

Done! There’s a link in the sidebar now for a random post.