The ‘Simon Tatham Has No Sense Of Smell’ FAQ

I have no sense of smell. When people find this out, they always tend to ask me the same questions. The standard geek response to this situation is to write a FAQ, so here one is.

Of course, most people who find out I have no sense of smell are talking to me in person at the time, so they won’t have the chance to read this FAQ before they start asking me questions about it; so I don’t expect this FAQ to be very useful in cutting down the number of times I get asked these questions. But I enjoyed writing it, and hopefully people browsing my web site might enjoy reading it, so never mind.

This FAQ is about me, Simon Tatham. I don’t claim to speak for everybody with this condition. Other people with no sense of smell might find that their own answers to some of these questions aren’t the same as mine. If so, I’d be fascinated to hear from them!