Jesus in a Tree Stump

Jesus’ latest appearance in his magical mystery tour took place in a tree stump.

A Bucks County woodworker said he found Jesus in a tree stump and some are calling the find a piece of “divine pine.”

Next time you take a good look at a tree, you might wonder if it is harboring a divine message from the heavens.

Protectively wrapped in a piece of ostrich leather is what Bensalem’s Craig O’Connor calls a slab of a New Jersey pine tree he cut down in a friend’s Burlington County yard in January 2007.

The image he saw in the remaining stump stopped him in his tracks.

“When I seen it, I was just in awe, I think it’s Jesus, Jesus’ head … it looks like he is ascending into heaven,” O’Connor said.

And where else has Jesus been lately?

(via J-Walk)

Samurai Dog Armor


This suit of dog armor — identified by antique Japanese armor dealer Toraba.Com as the only known and certified authentic example of its kind — is believed to have been created for the pet of a wealthy, high-ranking and presumably eccentric samurai or daimyo (feudal lord) in the mid to late Edo period (mid-18th to mid-19th century). Although the carved wooden helmet and coat of black-lacquered scale mail would have provided effective protection against enemy attack, evidence suggests the canine never wore the armor into battle. More likely, the suit served as a decorative costume for parades and other formal ceremonial occasions.

Daily Dose of Ingersoll


It gives me immense pleasure to say to this audience that
orthodox religion is dying out of the civilized world. It is a sick
man. It has been attacked with two diseases — softening of the
brain and ossification of the heart. It is a religion that no
longer satisfies the intelligence of this country; that no longer
satisfies the brain; a religion against which the heart of every
civilized man and woman protests. It is a religion that gives hope
only to a few; that puts a shadow upon the cradle; that wraps the
coffin in darkness and fills the future of mankind with flame and
fear. It is a religion that I am going to do what little I can
while I live to destroy. In its place I want humanity, I want good
fellowship, I want intellectual liberty — free lips, the
discoveries and inventions of genius, the demonstrations of science
— the religion of art, music and poetry — of good houses, good
clothes, good wages — that is to say, the religion of this world.

Robert Green Ingersoll – “Orthodoxy”(1884)