Obama Takes the Lead

From Balloon Juice:

Obama won more states, won more delegates, improved his numbers with key groups, widened his lead among minority voters, and over-all, outperformed Hillary. Period. The fact that the Clinton established machine has not been able to pull ahead should be a real clear sign of how much trouble they are in right now. This race was Hillary’s to lose, and last night she may have started doing just that. You will hear the Clinton camp talking repeatedly about winning the big prize- California. Winning California is irrelevant, as a Democrat is going to win Cali in the general regardless who it is.

It seems that the longer this race goes on, the better Obama does. A few weeks ago, most polls had Hillary in double digit leads across the country and last night shows that Obama’s momentum is increasing.

I just hope that it’s decided before the convention. The last thing the Dems need is for McCain to be running his campaign for president while Obama and Hillary are still wrestling for the nomination.

Obama claims delegate lead:

In a surprise twist after a chaotic Super Tuesday, Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) passed Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) in network tallies of the number of delegates the candidates racked up last night.

The Obama camp now projects topping Clinton by 13 delegates, 847 to 834.

NBC News, which is projecting delegates based on the Democratic Party’s complex formula, figures Obama will wind up with 840 to 849 delegates, versus 829 to 838 for Clinton.

14 Horrible Moments in Valentine’s Day History

For the happily married or otherwise intimately involved, Valentine’s Day conjures up images of romance, flowers, candlelit dinners and romantic getaways. The lonely and lovelorn, however, dread the date each year as if their taxes were due. Those who think they’ve had a miserable February 14th in the past might just take solace in the fact that they really have no idea just how bad it can get. There’s a sinister side to the holiday that remains largely unmentioned – a darker history of death and despair. Although we still celebrate it today, Saint Valentine was actually removed from the calendar of celebrated saints’ days in 1969 – perhaps due to the array of hideous events which have occurred on the date throughout history. And with that, please try to enjoy the 14 most truly horrible events in the history of Valentine’s Day:

Top 100 Essential Mac Applications

From Mactricksandtips.com:

I love my Mac and I have hundreds of applications installed on it. As a result I wanted to do a post on what I believe are the top 100 Mac applications that are essential to any user. I’ve picked a variety of applications that I could think of. I have tried to go for the cheaper free option, but quite a few you have to pay for. If you think I am missing an application leave a comment with a link to the app and why you should think it should be included, it doesn’t have to be long, I just want your opinions.

Richard Dawkins’ Funeral Set For Tomorrow

From a quaint little christian group called “King of Terrors Ministry“.

We here at King Of Terrors Ministry have only one mission at heart, and this is to see the lost come to know the Lord Jesus Christ!

We do not wish any phyical harm to any individual featured on this website, We are peaceful in our stand for the Gospel and Truth of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Preaching your funeral before you die is a dramatization of what will happen when individiuals die rejecting Christ.

We Live in a generation that has grown cold toward God, We feel it takes something radical to show mankind who die rejecting Jesus Christ, their fate

If you are currently rejecting Christ, and have not sought forgiveness of your sin from him, then sadly Hell is a reality for you if you were to die in this state.

TODAY is the DAY OF SALVATION! Please do not negect such a great PRICE paid on your behalf by Christ himself, Repent now!

(via Pharyngula)


Nothing like burning a person in effigy with cheesy devil sound effects to show the world that Christians are peaceful and loving people.