Dog retrieves his best friend – a cat buried in the garden

From the TimesOnline:

A pet dog missed the family’s dead cat so much that he dug up his grave and brought the body back into the house.

When Oscar’s owners woke up the next morning they discovered the dog curled up beside Arthur, the late cat, in his basket.

His owners, Robert Bell, 73, and his wife, Mavis, of Wigan, Greater Manchester, believe that the dog had licked the cat clean before falling asleep.

Mr Bell said that the two pets were constant companions. Arthur, who was a large cat, used to help Oscar to climb on to the sofa.

Oscar, an 18-month-old Lancashire Heeler, had watched Mr Bell dig a grave in the garden and then lower the cat into the hole.Mr Bell said: “He had managed to climb out through the cat flap in the night, obviously with the intent to get Arthur back. Bearing in mind that Arthur was a huge cat, Oscar must have used all the strength he could muster.

“Then he pulled him into the basket and went to sleep next to him. Arthur’s coat was gleaming white. Oscar had obviously licked him clean. It must have taken him nearly all night.”

(via Arbroath)

Best Blogs of 2007

I read a lot of blogs. A glance at my Google Reader shows that I have 226 rss subscriptions although that number is a bit misleading because I haven’t culled out inactive blogs in a year or so and also included are rss subscriptions to various feeds that I use for links when the normal avenues aren’t panning out. I thought I would list some of my favorite blogs that I’ve read or shamelessly stolen from in the past year. They’re not listed in any particular order.

Shakesville (aka Shakespeare’s Sister)
I don’t read too many political blogs anymore because with blogs like Shakesville I don’t have to. Shakesville easily catches most of the important and interesting trivial matters in politics and cultural news to at least make me feel informed. And if that wasn’t enough, earlier in the year the head of the Catholic League of Extraordinarily Scary Gentlemen, Bill Donohue, called the founder of Shakesville (Melissa McEwan) an anti-Catholic bigot for basically disagreeing catholicism on how they treat women. Hot damn, big Billy’s seal of approval puts Shakesville at the top of my newsreader.

Nothing to do with Arbroath
Okay, I admit it. I have no idea what an Arbroath is or why this blog has nothing to do with it. The truth is I don’t want to know. (Although I just googled it and now I do know so don’t bother commenting about it) What I do know is that scarcely a day goes by when I don’t link to something I found on Arbroath.

Atheist Media Blog
This is probably the newest blog I’ve come across and it specializes in posting video clips, mostly from YouTube, dealing with atheism and religion. YouTube is such a vast resource that finding a blog that ferrets out good clips on a subject is an invaluable time saver and the Atheist Media Blog has been exceptional.

SF Signal
And since we’re on the subject of niche blogs, I have to bring up SF Signal which is by far the best blog on the web dealing with science fiction. Scifi blogs have been on the rise as of late. Even blogglomerate Gawker has recently started one (I had to delete it from my feeds since it was updating about 50 times a day. There is such a thing as too many daily posts…) but SF Signal is consistently excellent and never fails to find the best sci-fi stories or links on the tubes.

The Whatever
I am usually disappointed by blogs written by authors. They’re usually rarely updated with the exception of a quick plug for their latest book, few of them allow comments and more times than not are fairly boring despite being written by people who get paid for writing. Sci-fi author John Scalzi’s The Whatever destroys all of those preconceptions. It’s one of the most entertaining blogs on the web, is updated several times a day and John isn’t shy about interacting with his readers. (BTW his first book, “Old Man’s War“, is a damn good read)

Vegas Rex
Vegas is one of those places people either love or hate it’s easy to see with the amount of links I have regarding it where I stand. Most Vegas blogs that I read just link to stories from the LV Review Journal. They’re informative but not very personal. Reading Vegas Rex makes me feel like I’m actually on the Strip avoiding puke puddles on the ground and sleazy time-share salespeople while walking into and around some of the most electrifying resorts in the world. Rex takes plenty of pictures of the good and bad of Vegas with plenty of video to go along with it.

Feel free to add to this list in the comments with some of your favorite blogs from the past year or so. (Note: If you submit more than three hyperlinks, the comment won’t be posted immediately but I’ll have to manually accept it. It’s a system to prevent spam and sometimes backfires on a post like this where people submit several links)

Daily Dose of Ingersoll


Of all the failures of which we have any history or knowledge, the missionary effort is the most conspicuous. The whole question has been decided here, in our own country, and conclusively settled, We have nearly exterminated the Indians, but we have converted none. From the days of John Eliot to the execution of the last Modoc, not one Indian has been the subject of irresistible grace or particular redemption. The few red men who roam the western wilderness have no thought or care concerning the five points of Calvin. They are utterly oblivious to the great and vital truths contained in the Thirty-nine Articles, the Saybrook platform, and the resolutions of the Evangelical Alliance. No Indian has ever scalped another on account of his religious belief. This of itself shows conclusively that the missionaries have had no effect.

Robert Green Ingersoll – “Heretics and Hericies”(1874)