The horrible secret of Number 6 Whitten Street


A story I’ve been meaning to write about for several weeks now involves a family in South Carolina who had moved into a newly purchased house.
They were all messing about one day, doing chores, cleaning up, moving in, when they “found a secret room in their home behind a bookcase” – but “what was inside,” we read, “was a nightmare beyond their wildest dreams.”

Inside the room was a hand-written note.
The note said “You Found It!”
It turns out, the note explained, that the house was infested with “the worst types of mold including Stachybotrys, the so-called Toxic Black Mold,” which can cause “respiratory bleeding” in infants.

(via Boing Boing)

A Cynical-C reporter is on the scene:

Hey Chris…

I’ll be going through Greenville (SC) this afternoon! I’ll see if I can whip up an actual photo of the home for you. The owners probably don’t want that info getting out (the image on the bldblg is a generic image) — so I’ll offer it to you “anonymously”.

The house is in an old mill village (so, really… the $75,000 price tag is probably a little high, to be honest… most of the mill homes in the south go for less than $70k. Sounds like a property ‘flipper’ inflating values.)

(Thanks Anonymous Cyn-C roving reporter)