Slavery Theme Park


In 1999, Ari Nicolas told the couple that he had a vision of their future: Memory Village. Ari, who’d discovered that his last name reflected not his African heritage, but his great-grandfather’s French enslaver, envisioned a slavery theme park, a walk back into the past where the first stop would be the world before colonization, including both the African and Native American empires that the colonists had destroyed.

Visitors to Memory Village would decide whether they wanted to be spectators or participants during a twelve-hour day. The latter would receive traditional African clothing and then be mock-kidnapped from their homelands, shackled, chained and forced to march to the slave ship (resting on a real stream), where they’d be piled in as cargo for the crossing of the Atlantic. Once the ship reached the New World, the participants would be brought to market and sold, then broken down in the quarantine and put to work out on the plantation. Near the end of the day, a slave rebellion would start, a rebellion that would eventually lead to the establishment of Haiti.

Or if you really want to feel dehumanized you can just go to the nearest Six Flags. More on the mother of bad ideas slavery theme park including maps can be found here. It looks like they’re still welcoming investors so act fast if you want to be on the ground floor of Haiti’s burgeoning tourist industry.

Skyscraper Demolished From Bottom to the Top

From The Daily Mail (which means it’s very possible that this building never existed to begin with)

The lower levels of the building are being taken apart to reveal a concrete core running down its centre.

This is possible because each floor is hung from a huge beam at the top of the tower and supported by the central core.

The 15-storey building, erected in 1965, is one of four in the capital to be constructed that way.

Project director Matthew White said: “When you demolish the building, you have to take the weight off the structure first, from the bottom up.

“Eventually the beam will be deconstructed at roof level, leaving the core, which will be demolished from the top.”

(via A Welsh View)

Is Sears Hacking Your Computer?

From Schneier on Security: is distributing spyware that tracks all your Internet usage – including banking logins, email, and all other forms of Internet usage – all in the name of “community participation.” Every website visitor that joins the Sears community installs software that acts as a proxy to every web transaction made on the compromised computer. In other words, if you have installed Sears software (“the proxy”) on your system, all data transmitted to and from your system will be intercepted. This extreme level of user tracking is done with little and inconspicuous notice about the true nature of the software. In fact, while registering to join the “community,” very little mention is made of software or tracking. Furthermore, after the software is installed, there is no indication on the desktop that the proxy exists on the system, so users are tracked silently.