The Horror of the 2Girls1Cup Meme

I’ve been surprised by some of the videos that have gone viral but the 2Girls1Cup video going around may actually be proof that the Apocalypse is near.

YouTube currently has over 3,000 videos of people’s reactions as they watch 2Girls1Cup which might be vile enough to make Goatse and Tubgirl seem like things you’d find on Cute Overload. I haven’t watched the video (I saw the reactions and read enough descriptions to find out that it is basically scat and vomit porn involving a cup…… Yeah, I think I’ll pass on the digital ipecac) but some of the reactions are priceless.

Here’s Joe Rogan, the host of FEAR FACTOR nonetheless, almost vomiting while watching it (and then talking about the BME Olympics which I think I’ll pass on also.)

The other 3,000+ reaction videos on YouTube are pretty much the same with an innocent victim sitting down, relaxing, then almost vomiting at the same cues:

One person even showed it to his grandmother which may or may not be a capital offense in some states.

The 2Girls1Cup video has become popular enough that John Mayer made a parody of it on the website Funny or Die and even Republican hopeful Mike Huckabee got in on this internet meme.

You’ve been warned! This has been a Cynical-C Public Service Announcement.

Futurama is Back

This is terrific news…. Unless you’re Kellie.

Set in the year 3000, Futurama’s interstellar sci-fi future isn’t a shiny utopia like The Jetsons or a dark dystopia like Blade Runner. It’s a time that seems wonderful or awful depending on how you look at it — just like the present. “On The Jetsons, there’s a machine that ties your tie for you,” Cohen says. “On Futurama, there’d be a machine that tied your tie, but it would malfunction and start strangling you.”

Those kinds of macabre twists would be Futurama’s undoing. Fox was expecting something familiar, The Simpsons in space. Executives certainly were not prepared for the bizarre contours of Groening and Cohen’s brave new world. “The network’s attitude quickly went from tremendous excitement to great fear,” Groening says. “They were very troubled by the suicide booth. They didn’t like the ‘All-Tentacle Massage’ parlor.”

Futurama premiered to strong ratings, but as the show was shuffled around the schedule, viewership slipped. Every season, the renewal notice came late — so late that there wasn’t always time to deliver a full slate of episodes. After the fourth season, the people working on the show waited and waited for a renewal notice until they eventually assumed — correctly — that it wasn’t going to come. “We didn’t get to finish the way we would’ve liked,” Cohen says.

Halo 3: Homophobia Evolved (NSFW)

I am shocked, shocked to find gambling here.

This is what happens when gay Masterchiefs don’t abide by “Don’t ask Don’t tell”.

Watch what ensues when I use a gamertag that’s proud and unambiguous, xxxGayBoyxxx.

Other than maybe a quick “hello” to the chat room or a request to “veto”, I didn’t say anything first or taunt anyone. What was said by these players was done with no provocation on my part. The vast majority of the times I wouldn’t even respond back so the audio would be clear.

Things I didn’t include in this video are the betrayals (people on my team killing me), players asking me NOT to party up, or all leaving mid-game so that I’m all alone.

(via Waxy)