That’s No Moon…

It’s a library:

This building was not so long ago erected in Minsk by a personal order of Belarus president Mr. Lukashenko. Locals joke: “Lukashenko had just learned to read and decided to build a library dedicated to this new ability he acquired.”

He wanted to build an impressive building and therefore made everyone in the country pay for it. Students had to bring money to school for several months. Teachers are still having a part of their salary taken out to pay for this building. Well at least that locals say.

Foreign printed guide books also sometimes are not so serious about this structure: “Some say it looks like a diamond. We say it looks like the Death Star. In either case there’s no denying that the collosal, new home for the National Library now being constructed on the city outskirts is an example of the Soviet ‘bigger-is-better’ school of architecture.

History of the V Sign

From Wikipedia:

Winston Churchill used a V sign in both versions to symbolize “V for Victory” during World War II. Early on in the war he used palm in (sometimes with a cigar between the fingers).[1] Later in the war he used palm out.[2] It is thought that the aristocratic Churchill made the change after it was explained to him what it signified to the other classes in Britain.[citation needed] He developed the idea from a BBC campaign.

10 Worst Prosecutors of 2007

Guess who is number 1?

The Bennett Law Firm and the “Bad Prosecutor Blog” website have carefully chosen to recognize the Ten Worst Prosecutors in the United States in 2007 to highlight the abuses in our criminal justice system and to start a discussion on what can be done about rogue prosecutors. When a crime is committed and it goes unpunished, justice is not done. But justice is also subverted when those who are called upon to enforce the laws of the justice system on either the state or federal level are corrupt or even very inept.