Daily Dose of Ingersoll


The mind of man pursues the path of least resistance, and the
conclusions arrived at by the individual depend upon the nature and
structure of his mind, on his experience, on hereditary drifts and
tendencies, and on the countless things that constitute the
difference in minds. One man, finding himself in the midst of
mysterious phenomena, comes to the conclusion that all is the
result of design; that back of all things is an infinite
personality — that is to say, an infinite man; and he accounts for
all that is by simply saying that the universe was created and set
in motion by this infinite personality, and that it is miraculously
and supernaturally governed and preserved. This man sees with
perfect clearness that matter could not create itself, and
therefore he imagines a creator of matter. He is perfectly
satisfied that there is design in the world, and that consequently
there must have been a designer.

It does not occur to him that it
is necessary to account for the existence of an infinite
personality. He is perfectly certain that there can be no design
without a designer, and he is, equally certain that there can be a
designer who was not designed. The absurdity becomes so great that
it takes the place of a demonstration. He takes it for granted that
matter was created and that its creator was not. He assumes that a
creator existed from eternity, without cause, and created what is
called matter out of nothing; or, whereas there was nothing, this
creator made the something that we call substance.

Robert Green Ingersoll – “Why I Am Agnostic”