Friday Cat Adoption

Flaming Atheist works at a a no-kill shelter in Oregon (The Cat Adoption Team) and every Friday is sending in a picture of a cat that is up for adoption. Here is today’s edition:

It’s Shorty Simon the Munchkin! If you’re not familiar with the Munchkin, they were bred for their short legs but otherwise mostly normal features.

He’s a muscular little guy and very friendly and playful.

Here is more info on Munchkins from Wikipedia.

Sorry, Mr. President, You’re All Out of Troops

From Slate:

President George W. Bush’s behavior gets more baffling every day. Most leaders in his predicament would be recalibrating their rhetoric, seeking to alter expectations, so that the inevitable drawdown of U.S. troops from Iraq won’t appear to be a defeat.

Instead, Bush is doing the opposite. Twice this past week, he has appeared before his most bedrock base (the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars), promised to give his commanders whatever they need for victory, and lambasted Congress for so much as contemplating withdrawal, a step, he warned, that would imperil civilization and free peoples everywhere.

He is willfully ignoring two facts. First, almost nobody in a position of power or much influence is advocating a complete withdrawal from Iraq. Second, a partial withdrawal is certain to take place in the next nine months, and this has nothing to do with Congress.

This has been noted time and time again, but apparently it bears repeating: The U.S. Army and Marines are simply running out of combat troops.

Burglar Breaks Into House to Leave Apology Note

Not from the Onion:

A thief broke into a family home near Queenstown, New Zealand twice in the same day – once to steal and the second time to say sorry.

The unknown offender struck first while homeowner Graeme Glass was at work on Tuesday, smashing a window at his Arthurs Pt home to gain entry and stealing a $1200 laptop, a camera and a wallet containing his American Express credit card.

The second intrusion came later the same day, when the burglar – apparently racked by guilt – decided to return the goods, as well as a basketball and two pairs of gloves bought using Mr Glass’ credit card in nearby Queenstown.

Daily Dose of Ingersoll


Has a man the right to examine, to investigate, the religion
of his own country — the religion of his father and mother?
Christians admit that the citizens of all countries not Christian
have not only this right, but that it is their solemn duty.
Thousands of missionaries are sent to heathen countries to persuade
the believers in other religions not only to examine their
superstitions, but to renounce them, and to adopt those of the
missionaries. It is the duty of a heathen to disregard the religion
of his country and to hold in contempt the creed of his father and
of his mother. If the citizens of heathen nations have the right to
examine the foundations of their religion, it would seem that the
citizens of Christian nations have the same right. Christians,
however, go further than this; they say to the heathen: You must
examine your religion, and not only so, but you must reject it;
and, unless you do reject it, and, in addition to such rejection,
adopt ours, you will be eternally damned. Then these same
Christians say to the inhabitants of a Christian country: You must
not examine; you must not investigate; but whether you examine or
not, you must believe, or you will be eternally damned.

Robert Green Ingersoll – “Why I Am Agnostic”