Strangest Freight

A question from a professional pilot’s BB about what was the strangest freight they have had in their cargo hold. Patrick submitted this to me and grabbed some of the highlights:

Sly Stallone’s Ferrari to the Sultan of Brunei
Gonorrhoea samples to DXB
a frozen indonesian fisherman (also dead of course).
HOOKERS OUT OF L.A. to St. Maarten Six in a Learjet Six in Six out What a life
Six whores (and a load of booze) to a mining camp in the middle of absolutely nowhere in lousy rainy weather
a flea circus for the Prince Nmbulu
Human genitals
Strange, lead lined, canisters into a grass strip in Holland, A BMW would turn up, swap the canisters over, then drive off.
A Dog with a Wedding Dress on

(Thanks Patrick)