Hitler-Themed Bars & Restaurants

Adolf Hitler? In most western countries he is viewed as history’s most evil man, and almost all are aware of the horrific genocide he was responsible for, with many having had family fight and/or die in the war against Nazi Germany.

However, in Asia, Hitler is a far more distant figure. This distance might be an explanation for the bizarre case of Hitler restaurants and bars that can be found throughout Asia.

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France Will Never Forget

In the spirit of its mission statement, “The French Will Never Forget” (www.thefrenchwillneverforget.com), organized an extraordinary gathering of approximately 2500 people in Omaha Beach, Normandy for July 4 th 2007. The crowd formed on the sand the letters of the phrase: “FRANCE WILL NEVER FORGET”, aimed at honoring the fallen American heroes who scarified their lives to liberate France at the end of WW II.

The United States Ambassador to France, H.E Craig R. Stapleton and his spouse attended the event along with several American and French personalities. They all joined the crowd on the beach and actually helped form with many other people the letter F of FRANCE.

“Our goal is, once again, to demonstrate the deep respect and gratitude of the people of France, for their recovered freedom thanks to America’s extreme sacrifices during the Second World War and which no one can, or will ever forget.” declared the co-founders of the organization.

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MySpace Blocks the Letter “i”

Perhaps they felt the blog posts were too egocentric?

This is just bizarre: MySpace has started to filter out the letter “i” on MySpace blogs – all of them. No matter where the letter “i” appears in a word or sentence, it gets replaced with “..”. The only place where an “i” can be used is in the title of a post.

MySpace users, of course, have been trying to complain about it on their blogs, with the obvious limitation that they can’t actually mention the blocked letter in their complaints.

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