Harry Potter

I’m staying away from the internet, tv, radios, etc until after I finish reading the new Harry Potter book this weekend in order to avoid any spoilers that I’m certain to come across. I’m just surprised I haven’t come across any spoilers already from the version leaked to bittorrent earlier in the week.


I’m breaking my internet moratorium to pop in and say that I just got my copy. We were going to wait until tomorrow (Let’s face it, they’ve published plenty) but we decided to pop over to Borders and see if we could get a copy tonight. There were tons of cars. We ended up parking 4 stores down and I was starting to think it was a bad idea until I noticed that we had parked in front of a K-Mart which was also selling the books. Since everybody was bypassing the big K for Borders, there was hardly a line when we got in line at 11:50. We were out by 12:05 and driving past the Borders line which was still outside the door.

Ok, I’m disapparating from the net until I’m finished with the book.

Daily Dose of Ingersoll


What do we think of a man, who will not, when he has the
power, protect his friends? Yet the Christian’s God allowed his
enemies to torture and burn his friends, his worshipers.

Who has ingenuity enough to explain this?

What good man, having the power to prevent it, would allow the
innocent to be imprisoned, chained in dungeons, and sigh against
the dripping walls their weary lives away?

If God governs the world, why is innocence not a perfect
shield? Why does injustice triumph?

Who can answer these questions?

In answer, the intelligent, honest man must say: I do not

Robert Green Ingersoll – “Why I Am An Agnostic”