CyniChat Up and Running

I’ve been playing with different chat software for the past month or two with little to no luck. Most of the chats had no control and would allow spam as soon as you got it up and running. The workaround was to only keep the chat running when I was around to moderate.

Melissa from Shakesville just started a chatroom on her blog using CBox and it looks like it gives enough control to keep it up and running all time with minimal spamming and maximum control over users so I’ve decided to give it a try. At the moment it’s on the left sidebar below the recent comments. I can change the location if anybody has a better idea of where it should go.

For the moment you don’t have to register to chat. If anybody has any problems using it, drop me an email.


I added the About section back to the menu. I hate writing about myself but every blog should say something about the editor of it. If anybody has any questions or suggestions about what else should be on here, now’s the time to ask.

Great Moments in Idiotic Advertisements

And today’s great moment in idiotic advertisement award goes to UNICEF Germany. In searching for an ad campaign about education in Africa, someone had the brainstorm that putting blackface from mud on white children’s faces would be just dandy. And this is the organization that is trying to help children in impoverished nations!

The campaign can be found here and the blog Black Women in Europe have the english translations.