More Photo-Terrorism

This time in Boston. (The photographer is lucky they didn’t call the bomb squad to blow him up)

Has it actually been written into law that it is illegal to take photographs in public places? Hmm? Because it seems to me that, if I’m standing on a public sidewalk, and I take a photograph of a building — no matter what building it is — that should not be a crime or even a problem. Last time I checked, I was a citizen of the United States of America. Well, this morning I took a few pictures of the Federal Reserve Building, almost on purpose. As I walked around the building a cop came out of some dark hole and asked me if I’d been taking pictures of the building. “Why would you ask if you didn’t know the answer?” He asked again, so I said yes I took a few. The cop looked like he wasn’t really sure what to do, so I helped him by asking if he’d like me to delete the photos. I showed him a few of the ones I’d taken and then deleted them. “Would you like me to delete them all?” I asked. Pause. “Just make sure you delete them.” Okay pal. PHEW! Boston is safe for another day!