Homemade 6 Foot Tall Hot Tub

After joking around with Cameron about building pools in our rooms, I decided to build a hot tub. I would cycle hot water into the tub at the bottom and drain out the lukewarm water from the top.

I wanted to make a standup hot tub because I have never seen one, and thought that it was an interesting idea. It seemed like you would get the feeling of being in a pool, as you might not be able to touch the bottom, yet you would get the benefit of the hot tub temperature and be able to relax in the warm water.

I chose to make the tub approximately 2′ x 2′ 4″ x 6′. I decided to heat it by simply adding hot water from the sink when the water got too cold (I know, it’s not eco-friendly, but I’m not using it very often). I would fill from the bottom of the tank and drain from the top. I decided to drain from the top because I wouldn’t need to use a valve to regulate the drain, and would never need to worry about it accidently overflowing. Near the end of construction I decided to place the whole tup on a small plastic tarp and create a leak ring from which I could pump out water if the tub started to leak – wise idea it would turn out.