Guest Friday Cat Blogging

Miss Cellania submits more pictures of Gogo whose post bath pictures scared some of the commenters.

I just now got around to reading the comments on my cats. Poor Gogo
doesn’t always look that awful, but she doesn’t take a good picture
because she hates the flash and my camera has a slow response, so she
ends up looking demonic. Here are a couple more pictures of her. She
really is a normal and sweet cat… just not photogenic.

Miss C

Above is a picture of James’ cat Socksy:

Pictured meditating is my cat Socksy, so named for the “socks” she has
on her feet. We dropped her off at my grandparent’s place a few years
ago, and she disappeared. We haven’t seen her ever since.

And finally we come to Arlo:

I’ve been a fan of your blog for quite a while now. I thought I would send in a photo of my ridiculous cat, Arlo. He has some sort of feline OCD–he constantly grooms himself & often the tongue just stays out even when he’s finished.
Thanks for such a refreshing and diverse blog site!

Thanks everyone!

World Record Speed Eater has Jaw Arthritis

This is the speed eating equivalent of Bo Jackson’s hip injury that ended his career with the Raiders.

A Japanese man who set a world record by wolfing down dozens of hot dogs within minutes has suffered a severe jaw injury due to his rigorous training, making his next title uncertain.

Takeru “Tsunami” Kobayashi said he can only open his mouth to make a gap the size of a fingertip after being diagnosed with jaw arthritis.