Wire Art

Sonny Rolle is a Rhode Island artist who works with wire – among other materials, he’s also an illustrator. These images are all made from strands of flexible, coated wire. The detail is amazing, considering the medium. We have one of Sonny’s pieces, a Holiday gift to ourselves a few years back. Sonny is a sweet guy and some of the works which are for sale can be found on his Flickr site.

(via Make:Blog)

Daily Dose of Ingersoll


There is an idea that Christianity is positive, and Infidelity
is negative. If this be so, then falsehood is positive and truth is
negative. What I contend is that Infidelity is a positive religion;
that Christianity is a negative religion. Christianity denies and
Infidelity admits. Infidelity stands by facts; it demonstrates by
the conclusions of the reason. Infidelity does all it can to
develop the brain and the heart of man. That is positive. Religion
asks man to give up this world for one he knows nothing about, That
is negative. I stand by the religion of reason. I stand by the
dogmas of demonstration.

Robert Green Ingersoll – “What Infidels Have Done”