Lenin Speaks

Colorized video of Vladimir Lenin with a recording of a speech he gave during the Russian Civil War as the soundtrack. This is the transcript of the speech (or at least that’s what it’s supposed to be)

“Comrade (Red Army) soldiers! The capitalists of England, America and France are waging a war against Russia. They are taking revenge on the Soviet Peasants & Workers’ Republic for her [Republic’s] overthrowing the power of landlords and capitalists and set the example for all the peoples of the world.

With money and munitions, the capitalists of England, France and America support Russian landlords, who are marshalling their armies from Siberia, Don River, and Northern Caususus against the Soviets, seeking to restore the power of the Tsar, of the landlords, of capitalists.

No, this will NEVER happen! The Red Army has unified itself, it has arisen and started chasing the landlords’ armies and the White Guards’ officers away from the Volga, took back Riga, took back virtually all of Ukraine; it approaches Odessa and Rostov.”

Relocation of Japanese-American Pamphelet from 1943

Text of a pamphelet from 1943 discussing the internment relocation of Japanese from the West Coast.

During the spring and summer of 1942, the United States Government carried out, in remarkably short time and without serious incident, one of the largest controlled migrations in history. This was the movement of 110,000 people of Japanese descent from their homes in an area bordering the Pacific coast into 10 wartime communities constructed in remote areas between the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the Mississippi River.

The evacuation of these people was started in the early spring of 1942. At that time, with the invasion of the west coast looming as an imminent possibility, the Western Defense Command of the United States Army decided that the military situation required the removal of all person of Japanese ancestry from a broad coastal strip. In the weeks that followed, both American-born and alien Japanese residents were moved from a prescribed zone comprising the entire State of California, the western half of Oregon and Washington, and the southern third of Arizona.

Wikipedia’s entry for Japanese-American Internment.

Presidential Candidates Categorized by Website Operating Systems

Hillary is the only Dem whose website is running Windows:

Earlier today I read a post about Ron Paul’s website. Interestingly, his site is less of a typical candidate site and more of a mashup of other sources of information about him. What a fantastic idea and it shows additional transparency. That got me even more curious, what was the site developed on?

According to Netcraft, Ron Paul’s site was previously run on Microsoft IIS but as of June 5th it’s now on Apache!

So that got me wondering… what are the other candidates’ sites running? Does this provide some insight into their overall candidacy?

(Thanks PVC)

The Secrets Behind PostSecret

From Orato.com:

PostSecret began three years ago as a creative idea for an art show exhibit, which just happened to change Frank Warren’s life. With a background in small business, Warren is a self-described, “accidental artist.” PostSecret is not a business. He forgoes profit on what is the largest advertisement-free site on the web. The only other link visible on the stark site, which features a weekly list of secrets written on handmade, anonymous postcards from strangers, is for a suicide hotline. The hotline, for which Warren was once a volunteer, nearly went under a year ago and was saved, literally, by PostSecret viewers. In one week, 900 of Warren’s visitors contributed a sum total of over $30,000 to the hotline. So what are the secrets behind PostSecret?

Cop vs. Skateboarders

And here’s a news article to go with the clip:

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — A police officer who appears to choke a skateboarder and put two others in a headlock in a video posted online has been put on administrative leave while police investigate, officials said.

Hot Springs Mayor Mike Bush said Tuesday that investigators have talked with witnesses who saw the officer, Joey Williams, stop the skateboarders on a downtown city sidewalk last Thursday. Skateboarding is banned in the area.

The video shows Williams apparently choking one of the skateboarders after forcing him to the ground, then later chasing and wrestling two others while holding them in a headlock.

“Unfortunately, the video shows it pretty good,” Bush said.

Bush said he won’t be sure of the city’s next step until the investigation is complete. The video, taken by Matthew Jon McCormack and another unidentified skater, was posted Monday on YouTube, a popular Internet site.

(via Metafilter)