Friday Guest Cat Blogging

Hanan, from the wonderful Grow a Brain, sends in a picture of his cats who are called:

The cats still have no names. They are just there.

Can someone please help Hanan name those two fuzzballs?

Tim sent in a picture of his new kitten:

it’s a bit blurred but i was nervous – seven days old – one of four born in coal bunker but now happy behind the tv

Thanks to Valerie for sending in a picture of her brand soaking new kitten.

Hello it’s Valerie again! I got a new kitten and thought you might want to see him. His name is “Shadow the Cutest Pie.” I can’t even stand him, he’s so cute! Here’s him at 5 weeks old, he’s a Himalayan.

And finally, thanks to Lydia who sent in a picture of her gaggle of cats (Hmmm, wait, it’s a gaggle of geese, flock of birds, pride of lions…. would it be a pride of cats?)

Hello Chris,
Here is my kitty, Yukito, and then him with my family’s two cats – Louis
and Steve. Yukito loves to run around and wrestle with our other cats
when we visit home, though he is the smallest one of the group. He is
quite the crazy cat, but very lovable.
Anyways, I always look forward to your blog each day – thanks!