What’s Your Commute Like?

Ok Cynics, we hit upon this briefly on a non-related post last week and it seems that people have a lot to say about their commute. I live about 45 miles south of Boston and work in Cambridge. My commute starts off with a short 2 minute drive to the train station where it then takes me about 50 minutes to get into Boston. We are herded like cattle off the platform where I then have to jog through the bowels of South Station to catch the subway which will take anywhere between 20 to 45 minutes for me to be deposited into Cambridge. After that it’s only a short 3 minute walk of weaving between the homeless people with outstreched hands and the Green Peace/MassPirg/Lyndon Larouche crowd before arriving in my office where I wait in anticipation to do the same commute backwards in 8 hours.

So what’s your commute like?