Modern Military Ruins of San Francisco

From Flickr:

In 1990, the San Francisco Bay Area was home to several large U.S. military facilities.

By 2000, they were all gone.

These are scenes from the Bay Area’s recently-abandoned, Cold War-era bases: Hunter’s Point Naval Shipyard (San Francisco), Treasure Island Naval Station (San Francisco), Alameda Naval Air Station (Alameda), the SF-88 Nike Missile Site (Marin Headlands), Hamilton Field Air Force Base (Novato), Mare Island Naval Shipyard (Vallejo), Naval Security Group Activity base (Skaggs Island), and portions of Moffett Field Federal Airfield (Mountain View).

List of oldest continuously inhabited cities

From Wikipedia:

This is a list of the oldest, still surviving, towns and cities in the world. There are some points of contention here and care should be taken when using the list below. The cities have been listed because either the archaeological record has shown, or documents have supported the claim, that the settlement was in existence at the time given. However, presence here should in no way indicate that there is total consensus over the date the city was founded – differences in opinion can result from different definitions of “city” (usually relating to the population size) as well as “continuously inhabited” (relating to changing population size; changes in location and changes in name). Additionally, where an approximate date has been given, the date was treated as the lower end of the estimate for the purposes of the table.

I Am Legend

I know I listed the four or five books I was reading yesterday and “I Am Legend” wasn’t on that list but it was for good reason. I didn’t buy it until after I did that post but it leapt into my hands as I was browsing in the bookstore yesterday and I had little choice but to buy the thing and give it a good home on my bookshelf.

I hadn’t heard of the book until I saw a trailer for the movie coming out in December (starring Will Smith? Ugh). I did a wiki search on the movie when I got home and saw that it was based on the book by Richard Matheson (which was also loosely adapted into a movie starring Charlton Heston called “The Omega Man”) and is considered one of the great vampire novels of all time. It takes place in a post-apoc world when humanity has fallen victim to a disease which seemingly turns people into vampires. The protagonist, Richard Neville, hunts the vampires by day and at night barricades himself in his house as the undead tries to get to him. Goddamn it all. I hate that I had to learn about this from a Will Smith movie. What a read!