Chinese Woman Pregnant for 58 Years

From Weird Asia News:

In Sichuan China, a doctor preformed an X-ray on a 90 year-old woman and found that she was carrying a dead fetus for 58 years.

The old lady named Wong, lives in Qing Sheng Province. In February this year, she hurt her back while she was trying to carry a bucket of water. The family took her to the hospital 2 months later for an X-ray. That’s when the doctors found out that there was a dead fetus in her uterus, though it was severely distorted.

The woman recalls in May 1949, she was pregnant with her second child, but the baby was never born even far after the due date. She went to check and her doctor told her that she had a still birth. She didn’t have money to pay for the operation so she decided to leave it.

Zoologist Disguises Himself to Study Crocodiles

I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

When Dr Brady Barr decided to dress up as a crocodile, the disguise needed to be good.

Otherwise he was in grave danger of being eaten by the real thing.

The zoologist adopted his bizarre outfit in the hope of getting closer to a colony of Nile crocodiles, which can grow up to 20ft.

His disguise was a prosthetic head attached to the front of a protective metal cage covered with canvas and a generous plastering of hippo dung to mask his human scent.

(via Nothing to do with Arbroath)