Creator of Cap’n Crunch Flavor Dies


Long before Cap’n Crunch’s sugary yellow barrels floated in cereal bowls across the land, Pamela Low got a hint of what was to come while visiting her grandparents.

“Grandma would make this concoction with rice and the sauce that she had; it was a combination of brown sugar and butter,” Ms. Low’s brother William of Westerville, Ohio, said with a chuckle. “It tasted good, obviously. They’d put it over the rice and eat it as a kind of a treat on Sundays.”

Three decades later, Ms. Low drew on the memory of her grandmother’s delicacy to create the taste that made Cap’n Crunch a popular breakfast cereal. She died of a lung ailment Friday in New London Hospital, not far from her home on the shore of Messer Pond in New Hampshire. Ms. Low was 79 and had worked in Boston for more than 30 years at the Arthur D. Little consulting firm.