EMT’s Account of Saving a Cat From Smoke Inhalation

From Random Acts of Reality:

The call was given as ‘House fire – persons reported inside’, an interesting job. So at 1am in the morning we fly through the streets to find firefighters having just dowsed the fire that has wrecked a house. I spoke to their top man and he told me that they had checked the entire house and that there wasn’t any people inside.

It’s then that I looked down to see a firefighter on his knees giving oxygen to what I thought was a baby.

With a longer look I was extremely happy to see that it wasn’t a baby.

It was a cat.

The poor little soul was covered in soot and was having real trouble breathing – it was panting like a dog, and the rate of it’s breathing was incredibly fast. The firefighters were giving him oxygen and trying to keep him warm (as he’d been soaked by the firefighter’s hoses).

One of the firefighters seemed a bit upset, “Don’t lose him, we had a cat die on us last week”.

I let them know that we would take the cat.

‘Smoky’ the cat So we picked him up and took him into the back of the ambulance, the neighbours who’d all gathered to watch the show seemed bemused. Unfortunately the owners of the house couldn’t be found, so the cat had suddenly become my responsibility. We dried it off and gave it oxygen – in the picture you can see a McIlroy funnel which is used to give oxygen to neonates.