What’s Jeb Bush Up To?

From the Huffington Post:

If you’ve been worried sick about what would become of ex-Governor Jeb “No Futuro” Bush since his big brother totally screwed his chances for ever being elected president, here’s some great news. Jeb is now officially on the board of Tenet Healthcare, at an annual pay of $474,500–for 13 days of work per year.

It’s a special board seat created just for Jeb, at the suggestion of an old Bush family friend and fundraiser. (Do they even have any family friends who aren’t also fundraisers?)

As calculated by TheStreet.com, Jeb stands to collect a tidy $36,500 per day. All he has to do is sit on the board of a hospital chain so ethically challenged that even the Bush administration went after them.

(via J-Walk)