Animated Soviet Propaganda

Part 1 of 4 of the Documentary “Animated Soviet Propaganda” From 1924 to perestroika the USSR produced more than 4 dozen animated propaganda films. They weren’t for export. Their target was the new nation and their goal was to win over the hearts and minds of the Soviet people. Anti-American, Anti-British, Anti-German, Anti-Capitalist, Anti-Fascist, some of these films are as artistically beautiful as the great political posters made after the 1917 revolution which inspired Soviet animation. A unique series. With a unique perspective. Includes interviews with the directors of the animated films which are still alive and commentary by a leading Soviet film scholar. Two hours of documentary and six hours of animated films.

Life as a Phone-sex Worker

From the Hartford Advocate:

My phone sex career was (ahem) conceived the previous week, when I strolled into my boss’s office and said “Good morning, Alistair. I saw a help-wanted ad for a phone sex line. No experience necessary! And I’m told I have a nice phone voice. Can I try it?”

Editors always smile when their writers say such things. “If you feel comfortable with that, go right ahead.”

“I don’t feel comfortable at all,” I said cheerfully. “I expect I’ll be quite awful. But won’t it be fun to write about?”

With a fast Internet connection you can find a phone chat job in under a minute. I signed on with a company that runs psychic hotlines and straight and gay sex lines for men. After filling out the online application I got an e-mail telling me it was being processed, and meanwhile here’s the pay scale, job requirements and password to a restricted Web site where I could print out an employee handbook.

(via Backwards City)