An Interview With Battlestar Galactica’s Composer

From the Battlestar blog: (I’m just about to start season 2.5. I finished 2.0 in a day. BSG is the crack of SciFi shows.)

Great question and observations! The toughest decision with BG was about the initial concept of using ancient music. We decided to score the show with music from early cultures from around the world. This includes the Japanese taikos, middle eastern woodwinds and Celtic whistles and pipes. Honestly, deciding when to use what was sort of arbitrary after that. The taikos are great for war. Being half Scotch/Irish and half Armenian, I brought in the duduk and bagpipes respectively, simply as a way to represent my own heritage. The duduk has a mournful quality and the bagpipes fit perfectly in “Hand of God.” I basically adapt freely with each new episode and see what kind of music the story requires. As for a new Cylon theme, the “Number 6” theme is pretty effective, I can’t imagine needing to create a new one. But you never know. We’ll see what happens next season.