So You Want To Be An Astronaut?

From Florida Today:

Damaris Sarria wants to fly in space, and the shuttle engineer is on a fast track that ultimately could lead to orbit.

What’s more, you can follow her endeavor on the Internet. She’s running a blog called “How I Am Becoming An Astronaut.”

“I started the blog my first week out here at Kennedy Space Center. The intent of it is to keep a personal diary of what I am doing to become an astronaut,” said Sarria, 25.

“But it’s also a way for the readers of the blog to kind of see the areas that I am seeing here. And it’s a motivational tool to encourage those who do have a dream not to give up — to go ahead and pursue it no matter what obstacles might come in their way.”

A thermal protection system engineer with Boeing Co., Sarria takes her readers to restricted areas all over the spaceport.

Here’s the link to her blog.

(via Bad Astronomy)