Beating Randi’s Million Dollar Challenge

Not through psychic means however:

Those who know me may be surprised to read this, but I’m pleased to announce that Jutta Degener and I have successfully visualized the contents of Randi’s challenge box. We accomplished this from over a thousand miles away and entirely through mental concentration and the application of our unique talents (or, I should say, gifts), and without any physical access or inside information. We can now reveal to the world the item in the box: a small mirrored flat circular wheel or disk, such as a DVD or CD. Randi, if you’re reading this, a money order or certified check will be fine.

As you ponder the cosmic ramifications of the awesome, terrible powers that we apparently possess (we’ll use them only for good, I promise), let me explain a bit more about the remote viewing challenge and how we accomplished this unprecedented paranormal feat.

(Thanks Brian)

Calculating the Value of Prostitution

From The Guardian:

[(δU/δL) / (δU/δC) | Sp=0] ≤ w – [(δU/δr) / (δU/δC) | S = 0]

U is your satisfaction. It’s what you, as a prostitute, care about – the satisfaction you gain from selling your services. Economists like to call it “utility”, which is why they like to use the letter “U”.

L is the amount of leisure you have.

C is the amount of goods and services you, as a consumer, consume.

S is the amount of prostitution you, as a prostitute, sell to your customers.

W is the going price for prostitutes.

R is a measure of your reputation.

(via Cosmic Variance)