I picked up Jeremy Scahill’s “Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army” at the airport’s bookstore and read about half of it on my flight home the other day. It’s an eye-opening read for those (like me) who have only heard whispers about Blackwater and hadn’t realized how much they are now being used by the Cheney administration.

Scahill talking about Blackwater

And Part 2.

Guest Friday Cat Blogging

Christian writes:

Good evening,

here, have a picture of one of my cats.

His name is Josef, but is commonly called ‘Käterle'[1]. Well, he likes to sit
on top of my computers and monitors, as he seemingly likes the faint humming
and warmth generated by these things. Unfortunately he likes to chew on flat
cables, but he does this only sparsely nowadays as his teeth are not the best
anymore – he’s fifteen years old, now.

Best regards,

[Kater: German for a male cat; Käterle: dialect diminuitivum of Kater.]