A Black Woman Walks Into a Cafe…

My wife, who happens to be black, frequents a cafe in our relatively small town. She goes there several times a week so has become friendly with the staff and they know some general things about her like her job, that she’s married, etc, but very few specific details. Such as the race of her husband for an example. She went in today for a coffee and was informed by the clerk that I had been in earlier.

“My husband was here today?” my wife asked.

“Yes, I think it was him,” the clerk answered enthusiastically.

“What did he look like?”

“Well, he was tall, black and bald,” the clerk replied emphatically.

“Umm, I don’t think that was him,” my wife replied.

The clerk paused for a second as the revelation that perhaps two people who share the same skin color and have walked into the same cafe at different times may in fact not be related or even know each other. Her face brightens as she finally figures out where she went wrong. “Oh, your husband isn’t bald?”