Looks like I’m in FL for an extra day. The good news is we are staying with relatives so there isn’t much cost. The bad news is that we are staying with relatives.

Mrs. Cyn-C works for an airline which means we can fly for virtually nothing with the drawback being that we have to fly standby. This isn’t a problem unless Jet Blue freaks out and starts canceling flights going into the Northeast because they are expected to get over a half inch of snow. They then start rolling their passengers over into other airlines which puts us at the bottom of the list. The only good thing about it is that we realized right away what was happening and aren’t stuck at the airport for the entire day.

So it looks like I’ll be in Miami for an extra day. I want to thank Radmila and PVC who are really doing a great job keeping Cynical-C running while I’m away. I’ve asked them to stay on as contributors so expect a wide range of topics when I get back.

Or if I get back.