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kobe burger

A luxury hotel in Indonesia has cooked up an exotic million-rupiah ($110) hamburger, thought to be the world’s most expensive, in a bid to marry Western food and Asian flavour.

Vindex Tengker, the executive chef with the Four Seasons Hotel who created the dish, said 20 of the burgers had sold since going on the menu early last December.

“The idea is not that we are selling the most expensive hamburger. It is our dream to marry the East and the West through food,” he told AFP.

The seven-ounce (200-gram) burger is made from finest Japanese Kobe beef with wasabi mayonnaise and Italian portobello mushrooms in a home-made onion-wheat bun.

It is served with Asian pear and French foie gras plus, of course, French fries and is washed down with a glass of wine.

Sounds good though, doesn’t it?

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